Parents’ Guide

When your son/daughter has “come out” to you, it is important that you create a positive family environment in your home. You are an important part in shaping your son/daughter’s well being. Research has shown that having a positive family environment can result to a better health outcome of the LGBT youth.

According to “Parents’ Influence on the Health of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual” there are four ways for parents to support their LGBT children.

1. Talk and listen

Parents should be open to the discussion of his/her child’s sexual orientation. This will help them feel that they are loved and supported.

2. Provide support

Take it slowly, and process how you feel about your son/daughter disclosing their sexual orientation to you. Afterwards, gradually discuss with your child about his/her sexual orientation in a way that’s not too forceful.

3. Stay involved

Make an effort to know his/her friends or romantic partners (if there are), and continue to include him/her in your family dinner and other activities. Stay in the know also on his/her struggles in school and life, in general.

4. Be proactive

Accessing information resources about the LGBT community to learn more about them and attending events that provide support on parenting their LGBT children can be a great help not only for your son/daughter, but also for other families.

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