Come out

Coming out is the process of accepting and acknowledging one’s sexual orientation and gender identity to oneself and disclosing it to others. In the Filipino culture, “coming out” equates to “paglaladlad ng kapa,” which roughly translates to “unfurling one’s cape,” which is “contextualized within the feminizing and transvestic tradition of gayness.”

The process of coming out, after affirming to oneself, also includes the disclosure to the people they trust, such as their family. In the Filipino context, the family is a significant part in one’s life. They greatly influence several aspects of one’s life, such as his/her personality, views, values, and beliefs.

Benefits of coming out

According to a study conducted by Juster and his co-researchers in Canada, results revealed that LGBT individuals who “come out” have:

  1. fewer signs of psychiatric symptoms such as:
    • anxiety
    • depression
    • burnout
  2. less stress

Having someone to share your thoughts and struggles as an LGBT individual will help you lessen your apprehensions and will help you be more open to the people around you.


Below is a list of organizations/groups you can contact if you are in need of guidance in coming out.

[email protected]